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White Structure

In a Sex Positive World

I worked as a web content editor and writer for the Center for Sex Positive Culture in Seattle. As a site editor, I curated a 12-part series called "In a Sex Positive World,"  with contributing writers such as Lee Harrington, Sar Sumack, and Dr. Serena Mackenzie.


In 2004, I started an online website meant as a portal for artists and writers. Each week had a theme, such as "Crows," "Not Shakespeare," or "Threads." Though the publication is no longer on the web, I ran it for two years, until I went back to work full-time. 

The Unknown Freshman

I've had three successful weekly columns in my journalism career. The first, the Unknown Freshman, followed the adventures of a fictitious college freshman going through all the usual rites of passage in the course of the year. In the second, "A Stranger Comes to Town," I shared my impressions weekly with the readership of the Willapa Harbor Herald. Lastly, I had a blog called "Sex and Justice" detailing identity and sex-related court decisions.

Buy Nothing Month

In September of 2017, I tried an experiment. I decided to go an entire month without spending money. This meant I would use what I had, create solutions from what was on hand, and learn more about the environment around me. See how that experiment went at my Buy Nothing blog.  


I've written four novels through the National Novel Writing Month project, each in a different genre. This has given me the opportunity to write ever-nearer-to-publication-ready manuscripts. I have not submitted any of them for publication yet. You're welcome.

Literary Magazines

I've always loved editing. In high school I was the Editor of the literary magazine for four years. In Western Kansas, I started a magazine with two friends called Lines from the Middle of Nowhere. From that experience, I moved on to editing other writers' work and getting it submission ready. 

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